Advancing higher education in Maldives through E- learning Development

Founded under Erasmus+ programme - Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education


29.10.2020, 09:51
With the COVID-19 related crises in the beginning of 2020, some of AMED activities had to go from onsite to online delivery. Except for our scheduled…
16.09.2020, 14:24
The AMED project is now halfway trough and a lot of project activities are successfully finalised. As the main beneficiary, The Maldives National…
08.06.2020, 14:39
AMED partners will meet on June 17, 2020 to discuss ongoing and planned AMED activities.   The AMED is in its late development phase and it will…
01.06.2020, 11:16
We would like to inform you that the AMED meeting planned to be held in Zagreb and Varaždin on June 1-4, 2020 is postponed due to the COVID -19…
10.03.2020, 11:35
Partners will meet in Zagreb and Varaždin to provide job shadowing for 12 members of the MNU staff and to discuss the ongoing and future activities…
04.03.2020, 08:20
AMED project team from The Maldives National University was invited by the State Minister of Higher Education, Ms. Khadeeja Adam to further discuss…


Progress within core work packages

WP1: Needs analysis and preparation
WP2: Study programme development
WP3: Institutional framework for e-learning
WP5: Pilot implementation and dissemination
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  • An excellent opportunity for three institutions from Europe with expertise in different fields of e-learning to accept the challenge and create unique and modern e-learning model to be implemented within Maldives higher education system.

    Assoc. Prof. Igor Balaban, Ph. D.,

    Project Coordinator, FOI

  • The AMED project would set MNU well on the way in establishing a sustainable and robust e-Learning system, addressing the current challenges we face, paving the way forward with the expertise from three institutions from Europe.

    Fathimath Nasiha, Lecturer

     Centre for Educational Technology, MNU  

  • "A robust partnership committed to broadening access to Maldives higher education and enhancing nation-wide capability through modern technologies and digital pedagogies, reducing distance and amplifying knowledge."

    Assoc. Prof. Marcelo Fabián Maina, Ph. D.

    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya